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Creepy Chinese Food Safety Ads

View larger. Photo via
These food safety ads from the Beijing Women & Children's Development Foundation are nicely executed but super-creepy: Kids enjoying themselves in playgrounds built out of giant food, etc. But on closer inspection, the pizza slices are topped with shards of glass, the hamburger is a scorpion-burger, sushi is infested with bugs, [...]

Mark Bittman Is Possibly Trying to Kill You (or Give You Botulism)

On Saturday, the New York Times removed a recipe for infused oils by Mark Bittman from its website because the instructions posed a potential Botulism risk. The recipe was quietly pulled after The NYTPicker contacted Bittman and dining section editor Pete Wells regarding the lack of food safety warnings.
Apparently, you're supposed to simmer the oil [...]

Joyful Fraudulence: Swindled by Bee Wilson [book reviews]

British author Bee Wilson's book Swindled: The Dark History of Food Fraud, from Poisoned Candy to Counterfeit Coffee (buy from Amazon) was published in the UK in January of 2008 to some fanfare, but not too much. Then China happened. More specifically, news started flying out of China about tainted everything: poisonous toothpaste, adulterated cow's [...]

The Onion on Food Safety

The Onion files a damning piece on the state of food safety today titled "FDA Approves Salmonella," a parody reporting that the Food and Drug Administration "approved the enterobacteria salmonella for human consumption." The photoshop job of FDA director Stephen Sundlof holding up a plastic bag of salmonella is genius.

FDA Chart: Simplified Peanut Product Distribution Pattern

Simplified Peanut Product Distribution Pattern. View larger.
The FDA recently released this "simplified" chart that illustrates the journey of peanut butter products — and salmonella — from the Peanut Butter Corporation of America to the consumer. (You can also download the PDF.)
The distribution chain, starting with a raw product, is so multi-layered that the we can [...]

Mind-Blowing Food Safety Music Parodies

Okay, people. This is, bar none, the best thing I have ever found on the internet: Dr. Carl Winter's Food Safety Songs.
Dr. Winter is the Weird Al of the food set — he picks up popular music and rewrites the lyrics to be about e. coli, pesticides, mad cow disease, and the importance of washing [...]

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