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Food52 vs. Cook's Illustrated: Call to Arms

Remember last October when Cook's Illustrated's Chris Kimball got his knickers in a twist about crowd-sourcing recipes and challenged recipe website Food52 to a duel? The contest is taking place next week, and as part of EMD's pledge of support to Food52, we're calling on our readers to help 'em out. Submit your best Roasted [...]

What We Learned at the Piglet Party [cookbook gossip]

Besides noticing Seven Fires' cover quick-change act at last night's party to celebrate Food 52's cookbook competition The Piglet, we learned many things. For example, we learned that no matter how delectable the hors d'oeurves on offer, the server carrying the Momofuku pork buns will be assaulted and stripped of her goods within three feet [...]

Food 52 Accepts Chris Kimball's Challenge

The public has spoken, and the public wants a food fight: by popular demand, Food52 has decided to accept Chris "Broccoli Casserole" Kimball's challenge to engage in a recipe death match. The format and rules have yet to be agreed upon, and will be announced in November.
Meanwhile, Kimball continues to stick his foot in his [...]

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