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Foodie License Plate

The FOODIE license plate triggers a rant.

Fat City on the Term 'Foodie'

The Kansas City blog Fat City writes about "some of the worst of 2008 to kick to the curb," including the term "foodie":
I don't know of any chefs who refer to themselves by this title. For me, the word is a warning that says, "Hey, I'm not any fun to have a meal with." I'm [...]

The Daily Beast on Foodies

The Daily Beast ran a post today, Foodies Make Me Sick, that takes some digs on foodies, the "fussy eaters who glorify the transformation of nutrition into fashion. Foodie culture. Foodie bloggers." Some of it is well-reasoned, some a little ranty:
I remember the first time I heard a co-worker refer to himself as a foodie. [...]

Gastro Chatter: A Coming Out Party

Holy crap. This thread, New Generation of Foodies, on Serious Eats. Short version: Help, my friends don't get me because I'm a self-professed "foodie."
All spelling and grammar [sic]:
So Ive been a foodie my whole life but only in the last year have I really embraced it and declared it outwardly as a passion. Since [...]

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