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Fox's Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live [video]

Last night, the be-flanneled, bleached-blond, and botox-injected Gordon Ramsay, chairman of an imploding restaurant franchise, hosted the special Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live on Fox, an American reworking of the much tamer British Cookalong concept (where all Ramsay really did was stand alone in a kitchen, telling you what to do). And stateside, we do things [...]

Will People Actually Cook Along With Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live?

Tuesday night, Fox is airing Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live, a reprise of a Channel 4 series from last year in the UK. The premise of the show: Ramsay cooks a three-course meal in an hour, live, with viewers ostensibly "cooking along." To participate, you're expected to have a whole list of ingredients and equipment on [...]

Fox Orders Animated Series Bob's Burgers

Image via THR

Fox has ordered thirteen episodes of Bob's Burgers, a show that "revolves around a creative grill chef who owns a just-barely-surviving hamburger restaurant. He runs the place with help from his uptight wife and their three less-than-helpful kids," reports The Wrap. The original concept of the show was about a "family of cannibals [...]

Masterchef With Gordon Ramsay Coming to the US

Fox announced it's going to be developing an American version of the television series Masterchef with Gordon Ramsay, a sort of American Idol cooking show, in which amateurs compete to become the, er, "Master Chef" Variety reports. This follows the recent news that Gordon Ramsay won't be doing any more episodes of Kitchen Nightmares because [...]

Hell's Kitchen Season Five Premieres Tonight [television]

Already up to season five?
Hell's Kitchen season five premieres tonight at 9pm, and we are so gonna watch it. Make no mistake — this is bad television, but at least it doesn't have the supposed culinary "ambition" of Top Chef, which is a farce anyway. No, Hell's Kitchen is straight up junk food, and [...]

Prediction for 2009: Total Food-Based Reality Television Overload

2009 is poised to be the year that food reality TV is going to peak. Besides the classic stalwarts (Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen, etc.) there are so many new food competitions hitting the cable box that we can't help but be reminded of the famous line by the radio comedian Fred Allen, "imitation is the [...]

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