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Food Packaging Monster Attacks French Supermarket [video]

How much food packaging is too much? Two French commercials duke it out over this question with pretty goofy results. In the first video, a commercial for European Waste Reduction Week (site in French) aims to persuade consumers to make conscious packaging decisions at the supermarket and features a man being stalked by a giant [...]

Stephen Colbert Tips His Hat to the Louvre for Installing a McDonald's [video]

In the segment "Tip of the Hat / Wag of the Finger" Stephen Colbert tipped his hat to the Louvre for embracing American culture and installing a McDonald's:
McDonald's will fit perfectly with the French culture, because after all, what is a French mime but a mute, humorless Ronald McDonald? And if that's not enough to [...]

McDonald's to Open at the Louvre

Photo composite: Eat Me Daily
Sacrebleu! A McDonald's restaurant and McCafé are going to open in the Louvre museum next month (more specifically in the underground approach to the Louvre, known as the Carrousel du Louvre). The plans are for a "quality" McCafé and a McDonald's restaurant, likely the fancy kind that serve macarons. An art [...]

McDonalds' Macaron Ads

Photos via
Out of France come these ads for McDonalds' McCafe's macarons by TBWA, Paris, France in which they look just like mini-burgers. Sort of a reminder to the public, saying, "Hey, even if you're not a fan of the burgers, you could always stop in for a pretty good macaron." But before everyone [...]

Agricultural Runoff Turns French Beach into Deadly Algae Stew

Photo: AP
Due to agricultural runoff of fertilizers and human and animal waste, combined with global warming, reports of toxic algae are on the rise. This is pretty devastating: On July 28, Vincent Petit, a 28-year-old researcher in a state-run virology lab, was riding his horse on the Saint-Michel-en-Greves beach in Brittany, when the two were [...]

French Supermarket Cashier and Blogger Anna Sam Gets Book, Movie, Musical Deal

If you were jealous of Julie Powell for turning her cooking blog into a book deal into a multi-million dollar film, then just wait. Blogger, Frenchwoman and former supermarket cashier, Anna Sam has been given a book deal and a movie deal based on her blog.
But wait, there’s more! She also has been offered a [...]

Orangina Posters by Bernard Villemot

Orangina posters, Bernard Villemot. Left: 1953. Right: 1964. Images via
Commonly referred to as one of the best French artists of the past 50 years, Bernard Villemot (1911-1989) is most recognized for his (now) vintage print advertisements for the likes of the Red Cross, Air France, Bally's shoes, Perrier, and Orangina, the French carbonated citrus [...]

What's Wrong With France: Au Revoir to All That by Michael Steinberger [book review]

I like France. Granted, I haven’t been there since I hit puberty, but I have fond memories of munching on crunchy frittures, sipping on citron pressés, taking tastes of my parents’ kir royales. Sometimes, when city life is weighing heavy on me and greasy Chinese takeout is wearing thin, I fantasize about going back. So [...]

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