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Chocolate Stamps from France [postage]

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Here's a series of ten stamps from France celebrating chocolate — but more than just looking like blocks of chocolate, they're scented like chocolate. The stamps, issued by La Poste, the French mail service, trace the history of chocolate over ten frames, from Central America to the royal courts to becoming an everyday [...]

The Fifth Most Expensive Food in the World: A Potato

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Coming in behind saffron, macadamia nuts, beluga caviar, and white truffles, the fifth most expensive food in the world isn't some exotic fish or endangered tropical fruit: it's a rare variety of potato. Grown in France on the Isle of Noirmoutier, the La Bonnotte potato sometimes achieves a market price of an astounding [...]

Tout de Sweet: The Sweet Life In Paris by David Lebovitz [book review]

I went into this review with more than a little bias in favor of David Lebovitz. A former Chez Panisse pastry chef turned cookbook author, he's responsible for my favorite dessert cookbook of all time, Room for Dessert. (The book is, tragically, out of print, and used copies run about $50 a pop online.) But [...]

Food Design at Paris des Chef [food art]

Danish chef Thorsten Schmidt’s ice cream flavoured with oak trees from his region (garnished with fir tree shavings) on Eric Benqué’s Burgundy oak dish
The first annual "Paris des Chefs" (website) was held on January 26th at the Maison et Objet trade show, a one-day event that brought together food and design, including chefs such as [...]

Offal, Back in Fashion in France

The Times UK reports:
The French offal industry, which produces 230,000 tonnes of food a year, has witnessed a 15 per cent rise in sales since the investment bank Lehman Brothers went out of business. French butchers have seen a 2.6 per cent fall in beef sales.
“It’s not that people have become a lot poorer in [...]

French Recall Exploding Couscous Packets

First it was hens exploding in the UK, and now it's couscous packets exploding in France. The Telegraph UK reports:
"We would prefer to recall the product to avoid explosions in people's kitchens," said a spokesman. "They could go off like a small bomb, wounding consumers or causing damage to kitchens.

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