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Francis Lam's Crazy Koshary Recipe

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Writing for Gourmet, Francis Lam goes a little crazy with his recipe for koshary, an Egyptian snack consisting of carbs piled on carbs piled on carbs (okay, it's actually rice topped with lentils topped with pasta topped with spices). It's a great recipe, expands the reader's culinary horizons, and basically delivers a giant [...]

Francis Lam on the Importance of Good Service

Francis Lam writes for Gourmet about the need for good service when it comes to fine dining:
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to expect good service out of fine dining. Maybe it’s because my soul is dying. Or maybe it’s because as the price increases, as expectations rise, the stakes get higher, and the effects [...]

Eight Ways to Be a Great Restaurant Customer

Francis Lam writes a listicle for Gourmet on how not only to be a good restaurant customer, but a GREAT restaurant customer. We liked number eight, Go easy on the beatdowns:
A customer that has a good meal tells, on average, three people about it. A bad one, though… news of a bad one gets passed [...]

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