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Ticket Giveaway: AIGA/NY's 'The Design of Food Presentation'

Photo: Mitch Feinberg

AIGA/NY's The Design of Food Presentation is coming up on Friday, November 20th, 2009, and it's high on our radar. Part of their second annual food-meets-design event, "Today’s Specials," which explores "the visuals behind our favorite victuals," the evening is hosted by erstwhile New York Times dining critic and man-about-town Frank Bruni, and [...]

Backstage with Frank Bruni on The Colbert Report [video]

Here's a bonus video clip of Frank Bruni's visit to The Colbert Report's Green Room, with the terrified assistant nervously reading the menu: "For an appetizer, we have some hummus... from a deli... specials, which you can eat from a bowl... also, you can get milk."
Bruni tells him, "Anything is fine. Surprise me," causing a [...]

The Future of Candy on The Tomorrow Show With Mo Rocca and Special Guest Frank Bruni [video]

In the latest episode of The Tomorrow Show, a weekly webcast about the future, Mo Rocca investigated the future of candy, visiting Jelly Belly headquarters and Mother Murphy's Laboratories, a flavoring company. Turns out the future of candy apparently includes exotic flavors like acai and pomegranate, flavor fusions like chili-mango, and chocolate inhalers. Definitely [...]

Brunimia: Frank Bruni Overload

Says @michelehumes: "Brunimia [broo-NEEM-ee-uh] -noun- Frequent episodes of eye-rolling and nausea following a Bruni media appearance."
As in "This morning, The Atlantic ran a post by Frank Bruni and a piece by Corby Kummer praising Bruni. I got a wicked case of brunimia coming on."
The backlash begins.

Frank Bruni Photoshop Shocker

The whole time restaurateurs were working with bad information: Frank Bruni told Slate that the photo he was most know for until now — from the book jacket to Ambling Into History, his portrait of George W. Bush — was actually a doctored photograph:
As you know, I tell the story in the book about when [...]

Photo: Frank Bruni, Dick Cheney, and Pope John Paul II

This morning Nightline posted the article that's paired with tonight's segment with Frank Bruni. The associated slideshow has photographs of Bruni in Air Force One with George Bush, in the Bergdorf Goodman salon contemplating a wig, and above, hanging with Pope John Paul II and Dick Cheney. Nightline's articles online are typically close to word-for-word [...]

Frank Bruni: Car Salesman?

Gael Greene tweets: "Just saw photo of Frank Bruni on Grub Street? Would you trade in your clunker and buy a new car from this man?" We don't see it.

Frank Bruni's Doppelgangers

While it's possible and likely that Frank Bruni has already filed his final reviews, just in case, do not confuse him with these possible doppelgangers. Make additional suggestions, and we'll add it to the doppelganger matrix.

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