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Frank Bruni's Mug, Revealed

Publishers Weekly breaks out the first photo of Frank Bruni, attached to an interview about his upcoming book, Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater. The book drops August 20th, and of course you can pre-order it on Amazon.

The 'One Million Strong for the Restoration of William Grimes' Facebook Group

Leave it to The Gurgling Cod to start up the Facebook group "One Million Strong for the Restoration of William Grimes." Says Fesser:
William "Biff" Grimes used to be the restaurant critic for the Times. His reviews were informative and entertaining. Then he was replaced by a guy whose reviews were neither. Bring back Biff!
We're waiting [...]

Eater's Coverage of Bruniocalypse

Props to Eater for yesterday's coverage of Frank Bruni's impending departure as the New York Times restaurant critic, or, as they're calling it, the "Bruniocalypse."
In contrast to the generic "here's the news, what do you think?" sort of post, Eater's coverage has been, by far, the most comprehensive — from tracking reactions on the [...]

Bruniocalypse Hits the Drudge Report

You know a story is important when it shows up on the Drudge Report's home page. Here, for posterity, is a screencap from Thursday night of it linking to an article on The Observer.

Frank Bruni's Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater

Here's the cover of Frank Bruni's upcoming memoir Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater scheduled for release August 20th — of course, you can preorder on Amazon.
Side note: we contacted our sources, and apparently, he looks more or less the same now as he did when this photo was taken.

(Fake) Frank Bruni on Twitter

Hopefully it's for real: @frankbruni.
Although a fake Frank Bruni would be fun too — New York City needs to play some serious catch-up to Chicago's fake food twitterers scene.
Update: @benleventhal gets word that it's fake: "Real Frank says, 'No, Not Me!' So, Fake Frank, let's see what you've got..."
Update #2: The Life Vicarious has [...]

30 Rock: The Bar Where the Waiters Are Dressed Like Ninjas [video]

Last night's 30 Rock continued its skewering of New York City dining by visiting "that bar where the waiters are dressed like ninjas." (Last month 30 Rock made fun of Serendipity's $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae.)
Ninja New York, you might recall, is actually a ninja-themed restaurant in TriBeCa that received a zero-star takedown review from [...]

Eater Suspends Deathwatch [update]

Eater says:
[W]e haven't seen times as bad as these, if evidenced only by prime time spot checks across town, in the restaurant business in many years. Notable restaurateurs are seeing funding for new projects dry up, the most seasoned guys in town are preparing to close underperformers, and instances of vendor check bouncing are skyrocketing. [...]

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