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Top Chef's Fabio Viviani as Frozen Pizza Spokesman

Photographic evidence: Top Chef's Fabio Viviani has been hired by Dr. Oetker, a European frozen pizza brand, to promote its Ristorante line of frozen thin-crust pizza in America. Cash money!

'The Joy of Cooking' Denies Self, Expands Brand to Frozen Dinners

Not to get all Joan of Arc here, but when we railed on Mark Bittman a while back for dissing The Joy of Cooking, it really came from the heart. We were calling-to-arms supporters of the seminal cookbook's call to arms, we were fighting the good fight against sexism, the Great Depression, the marginalization of [...]

Frozen Food in a Wall of Ice [food art]

The British Frozen Food Federation built an enormous wall of ice containing frozen food in London's South Bank as a promotional stunt. See more photographs at the Mail Online.

Little Green Men

Holy crap! The girls of bread & honey have eagle eyes: They turned up hidden, happily smiling faces on a package of Cascadian Farms frozen broccoli. This isn't the sort of thing I'm emotionally prepared for when I approach flash-frozen vegetables readily available in my grocer's freezer.

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