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Still Life Fruit Bowl by Barnaby Barford and Andre Klauser

The Still Life Fruit Bowl allows you to create your own constantly-changing masterpiece and can be set up in either landscape or portrait format. Designed by Barnaby Barford and Andre Klauser, manufactured by Thorsten Van Elten. It's available at Van Elten's online shop for £59 or at Matter for $100.

Dried Fruit Rings: Nutritious and Fashionable [food art]

Photograph from
Cathy at La Prochaine Fois makes these crazy beautiful dried fruit rings as an art project, exploring issues of preservation, the permanence of memory, and the definition of jewelry. She writes:
The dehydrator is my new favorite toy. With it, I began to dry fruits and incorporate them with my work in metal. [...]

Kitchen Scene from The Pop-up Book of Sex

Zoomdoggle posted a few pictures (NSFW, naturally) from The Pop-up Book of Sex — who knew a fruit bowl could be so... kinky?
And yes, in case you were wondering, you can buy the book at Amazon.

'Meat Fruit' on Heston Blumenthal's Medieval Feast [video]

The latest episode of Heston's Feasts had Heston Blumenthal exploring the Medieval era for recipes— the Middle Ages, he reminds us, was a tough time, what with a life expectancy of 25 and the Black Death killing 60% of Europe's population. Of course, the wealth distribution was totally out of whack, and the royalty indulged [...]

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