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The Cloisters Museum & Gardens Blog, The Medieval Garden Enclosed

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Cloisters Museum has a blog dedicated to its plants and gardens, The Medieval Garden Enclosed. The Cloisters houses the museum's medieval European art and architecture collection, and the accompanying gardens replicate the botany of the era. Posts range in subject matter from biblical references to pomegranates to [...]

Mobile Gardens and Luxury Compost at "Black Gold" by Tattfoo Tan [food art]

Currently on display at the Bronx River Art Center in New York City is the exhibition "Black Gold" which includes an installation by Tattfoo Tan, a self-described "community based intervention artist." "Black Gold" is part of his S.O.S. project (Sustainable. Organics. Stewardship.), a year-long horticulture and cultivation project, in which he "engages deeply in [...]

Truck Farm: Mobile Urban Gardening [video]

Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney, the filmmakers behind the documentary King Corn, are working on a new film / art project "Truck Farm," a living, mobile garden inside the bed of a 1986 Dodge half-ton pickup truck, parked on the streets of Brooklyn. It's a mobile CSA — with twelve paying subscribers — growing tomatoes, [...]

Mobile Urban Agriculture: 'Movable Garden' by Greg Stewart [food art]

Greg Stewart, "Movable Garden," 2009
Here's the latest in urban agriculture: mobile gardens that allow you to be the ultimate locavore by taking it with you.
As part of the exhibition "Beast or By Product: Food Shelter Clothing" by Greg Stewart at the Dean Project in Queens (the show closed last week — sorry!), several small pullcart [...]

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