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The Best Frozen Turkey Bowling Videos [you're doing it right]

Thanksgiving's kind of boring, don't you think? It's just food, and football, and naps. Snooze. Well, this Thanksgiving we here at EMD are thankful (yow!) someone had the genius idea take a frozen turkey and knock over some soda bottles with it. Originating in the aisle of a grocery store, turkey bowling mimics traditional bowling [...]

Feast For Bush by Lauren Garfinkel: Eight Years of History, Course by Course

Photographs by Lauren Garfinkel, by permision.
Feast For Bush is a series of dishes by Lauren Garfinkel to commemorate the eight years of George W. Bush's presidency, a "legacy that couldn’t possibly fit onto one plate." It's a "feast" of twelve courses in which seemingly innocuous plates of food are transformed into nightmare-scapes examining some of [...]

George W. Bush Takes His Coffee Black, With Equal [video]

Last night, National Geographic aired the program On Board Air Force One, a government-approved "inside look" at the goings-on inside the presidential air fortress. The one clip that made our jaws drop was the galley kitchens, where they offered a revealing glimpse at the coffee preferences of Bush and company:
George W. Bush takes his coffee [...]

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