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Döner Kebab Meat-Cutting Robot [video]

If you've spent any time in Germany (or much of central Europe), you're familiar with the ubiquitous Turkish döner kebab stand, with its signature column of meat eternally spinning in front of a vertical grill. This past weekend, at Berlin's first ever conference celebrating the street snack, Ahmet Kalyoncu unveiled his döner kebab slicing robot, [...]

BEEF!: A German Food Magazine Aimed at Men

BEEF! is a new German food magazine aimed at men. (Don't confuse it with the American magazine Sheep!.) We'll let them describe themselves:
BEEF! is for men who are interested in recipes –as well as Tokyo's tuna market, the sharpness of knives and the water pressure in their espresso machine. For men who find noodles [...]

Have a Very Nazi Christmas

Left: A swastika-shaped cookie cutter. Right: Recipes for Nazi and Germanic-themed breads and cakes. Photos via
A new exhibit at the National Socialism Documentation Center (warning: in German) in Cologne, Germany, showcases World War II era Nazi-themed Christmas paraphernalia, including the swastika cookie cutter, above. Mother and daughter team Judith and Rita Breuer became interested [...]

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