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Get a Job: Use Your Experience Edition

Still floundering at the mercy of the recession? A couple of food-related editorial and teaching jobs have popped up recently, but they're for people with experience: Food Writing Instructor (job listing):
mb LEARN is looking for a dynamic, spirited instructor to teach our Intro to Food Writing class in New York. This class meets for 8 [...]

New York Media Takes On VVM For National Food Blog Domination

It looks like there's new and invigorated regional food blog competition brewing between New York Media and Village Voice Media. NYM staked their claim to a national food media empire with their 2008 acquisition of MenuPages and its associated blog network — if the job listings are to be believed, a network that will soon [...]

Get a Job: Apprentice for Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery

Photograph by h-bomb
Here's a great job we spotted on Craigslist: an apprenticeship with Jim Lahey of the famed Sullivan Street Bakery and the pizza restaurant Co. (that just got a one-star review in The New York Times). The job description reads:
The right candidate will have a culinary background, be passionate about food, able [...]

Get a Job: Rickshaw Dumpling Truck Hiring

Photograph by weapong
We love the idea of working in a street truck in New York City, dishing up tasty foodstuffs to the hungry masses. And lo and behold, Rickshaw Dumpling is hiring. The job description caught our eye because they ask for people who "can hold their ground with other vendors," as though there's some [...]

Get a Job: Undercover Airport Restaurant Worker

We came across this weird job listing: working as an undercover spy in a restaurant at LaGuardia Airport. Get underpaid to do two jobs at once!
They don't give a lot of information — who are you spying on? What for? Are you chasing down the guy who brings steaks home? Or is it a matter [...]

Get a Job: Features Editor at Food Network Magazine

Food magazines might be in trouble, but here's an open position at Food Network Magazine, and a pretty high-level one at that: Features Editor.
This is a magazine by the Food Network, not some fancy-pants high-level glossy with real journalism — the description even advises against "generic, dated freelance pitches about the farm-to-table movement." No, you'll [...]

Get a Job: Mister Softee Is Hiring

Photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid
Last week, we posted that the Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck was hiring, but if you're more of a soft-serve kind of person, Mister Softee is hiring:
Mister Softee is looking for drivers with clean licenses for March 1st -October 31st employment.NO DUI's...The salary is %20 of the daily [...]

Get a Job: Become a Wafels & Dinges Truck Waffle Chef

Photograph by danielleking
Earlier this week we posted that the Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck was hiring, but if ice cream isn't your thing, this could be a really fun job, too: Wafels & Dinges is looking for a truck driver / waffle chef in New York City:
We are looking for a shift manager for [...]

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