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David Kamp's Food Snob Place Cards

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David Kamp, in what he calls an "audaciously small-time attempt at brand extension," has gotten a series of place cards made based on his book The Food Snob’s Dictionary (Amazon). $14 a packet, available at Greenwich Letterpress in New York City or at Etsy. The description reads: "Do you have food snobs in your [...]

Saltine Necklace from Emily Elizabeth

People are hungry and broke. It's the New Depression and frivolity is out. But that didn't stop me from buying this necklace that solves neither of these problems. At just $24, The Golden Saltine Necklace in brass is honestly so rich in character, it’s easy to justify loosening the purse strings. The piece has the [...]

Painted Butcher Knives from Artist Elizabeth McGrath [food art]

Nothing says "I love you" quite like one of these hand-painted mini butcher knives from L.A. artist Elizabeth McGrath. Though, to be fair, giving a painted meat cleaver to your sweetheart actually says quite a number of things all at once. But "I love you" is probably one of them.
The knife comes in a [...]

Target's 'S-XL Cake Mold' Is Awesome [gift win]

Target is selling this incredibly cool cake pan as part of their "Red Hot Shop" collection of design-geek holiday gifts.
The "S-XL Cake Mold" pre-forms your cake into fifteen slices in a range of sizes, from itsy-bitsy (for your perma-dieting mom) to aggressively large (for your perma-dieting mom, after everyone else has left the room).

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