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Transgenic Salmon Close to FDA Approval [science!]

Genetically-engineered Atlantic salmon from a company called Aqua Bounty Technologies are on the brink of getting U.S. FDA approval. The fish of the future have finally arrived! Canada's Globe and Mail reports:
Tweaked with genetic material from chinook salmon and an eel-like creature called an ocean pout, it reaches market size twice as fast as normal [...]

FDA Approves Drugs Made from Genetically Engineered Goats' Milk [science!]

The New York Times reports that the FDA has cleared for human consumption a drug produced by livestock that have been genetically modified with a human gene.
The drug, meant to prevent fatal blood clots in people with a rare condition, is a human protein extracted from the milk of genetically engineered goats.
At the [...]

Won't Someone Think of the Hot Dog Vendors?

General Motors, in looking for a bailout from the federal government, launched a website, GM Facts and Fiction. Trying to paint a dire picture of the country without GM, the website suggests that the collapse of the big three automakers would have a ripple effect across the economy, including shutting down hot dog vendors: [...]

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