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This Is Why Your Arteries Are Narrowing [video]

Here's a clip from Good Morning America in which they basically reprise the film Super Size Me (but only for one meal!) by tasking reporters to eat a whole lot of junk food, and then had researchers study the effects on their vascular systems.
On the menu: Deep-fried macaroni and cheese, a bacon quesadilla burger, and [...]

Jason Perlow vs. Steven Shaw's 'Week Without Shopping'

Endless self-promoter Jason Perlow is publicly taking issue with his eGullet co-founder Steven Shaw's "Week Without Shopping," now that Shaw is "tentatively scheduled" to appear on ABC's Good Morning America.
Shaw's "week" or "month without shopping" is an experiment in cooking and eating only what's currently in the refrigerator or pantry, plus a soup├žon of [...]

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