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Gordon Ramsay's Sexy New Appliances from Argos

Photos via Telegraph
Gordon Ramsay's new line of appliances by Argos are just so damned sexy: rugged, handsome, brushed stainless steel. Maybe it's the well-executed product photography that's deceiving us, but they look heavy. And expensive.
And that's because they are! At £89.99 (~$143) for the sandwich griddle. £149.99 (~$238) for the mini oven, £199.99 (~$317) for [...]

Little Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen [video]

Felix Light, the nine-year old who played "Little Gordon Ramsay" in the hugely popular series of commercials spoofing Ramsay's tirades, finally got to terrorize contestants last night on Hell's Kitchen. The segment was so very short — sort of a missed opportunity as the original commercials were more elaborate and thought-out, but hey, he got [...]

Hell's Kitchen/Bon Appetit Crossover Madness [video]

Last night on Hell's Kitchen, the contestants had 45 minutes to make a "delicious dish that's visually stunning" judged by the editorial staff of Bon Appetit (gotta love the overdubbed pomp music when they walk in).
Says Ariel, "Whoah, OK, we have some big ballers in here today." The final winner, selected by Editor-in-Chief Barbara Fairchild [...]

The Eat Me Daily Fall 2009 Cookbook Preview

Autumn brings more than just falling leaves and the return of legitimate root vegetables: it's also when publishing houses drop their most ambitious cookbook offerings, hoping to tap into the spirit of cooking (and book-buying) that pervades the pre-holiday season.
And is this ever a good year for cookbooks: the next three months will see enough [...]

Gordon Ramsay on Jimmy Kimmel Live [video]

Last night Gordon Ramsay paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his cookbook Healthy Appetite (buy at Amazon). Says Jimmy Kimmel: "I'm a little nervous because you scream at people, but I assume you probably won't scream at me... Do you scream at them because you feel like it'll make them a better [...]

Gordon Ramsay on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien [video]

Last night, Gordon Ramsay visited The Tonight Show and showed Conan O'Brien how to make Baked Alaska. Conan: "Gordon, I have to say, whenever I hear you're coming on the show, I'm happy, you're a great chef, people love you, you're a terrific guest. But I fear you as well."
Conan is always enthusiastic during cooking [...]

Gordon Ramsay's Thugs Will Beat Your Ass [video]

On last night's Hell's Kitchen, the anticipated fight between Gordon Ramsay and the contestant Joseph (disappointingly) did not end in fisticuffs.
It played out as so: In this corner, Joseph, 27, Long Island native, ex-Marine, and totally unbalanced. In the other corner, Gordon Ramsay, 43, the Scottish southpaw, ten-time consecutive London Marathon runner, a man [...]

This Ain't Hell's Kitchen XXX: Hustler's Parody of Hell's Kitchen [yes, for real]

This Ain't Hell's Kitchen XXX is a porn parody by Hustler based on the Gordon Ramsay cooking show (check out the the box art: The NSFW front and NSFW back even quote Gordon Ramsay's line "Oh f*ck me"). It's a recent entry in Hustler's "This Ain't" series, which has previously smuttified Happy Days, Star Trek, [...]

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