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Gordon Ramsay's Namesake Cookware

We were sort of taken aback in last week's Hell's Kitchen when Gordon Ramsay gave the remaining contestants a present of a set of his own "signature" pans by Royal Doulton. It was a shameless promotional bit, with the contestants feigning delight at their gift. But apparently they actually use the pans in the kitchens [...]

Hell's Kitchen: Don't Ask Gordon Ramsay to Find You a Chinois [video]

During a cooking challenge on last night's Hell's Kitchen, Paula, one of the contestants, asked Gordon Ramsay for help to find a chinois. Ramsay's response, although completely predictable, was still totally brilliant. It's small moments like this that make Hell's Kitchen worth watching.

Fox Orders More Kitchen Nightmares, The Chopping Block Getting Trounced

Gordon Ramsay finally gets some good news: Fox has ordered yet another season of Kitchen Nightmares and is expected to announce that Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen will return for another season this summer. reports: "Rather than continuing to parcel out the show one season per year, Fox will take the unprecedented step of airing [...]

Gordon Ramsay on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno [video]

Last night Gordon Ramsay made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, doing a pretty typical chaotic late-night cooking segment — swearing as expected — but the added bonus of Russell Brand made it at least a little funny.
Ramsay tried to cook some crepes, calling them "thin, delicious, credit crunch, easy to do." [...]

Little Gordon Ramsay to Terrorize Contestants on Hell's Kitchen (updated)

Update: The episode of Hell's Kitchen with Little Gordon Ramsay aired Tuesday, October 6th, 2009. See the video here.
After watching clips on YouTube of "Little Gordon," Gordon Ramsay hired the nine-year-old to terrorize contestants on Hell's Kitchen in the US and The F Word in the UK. Little Gordon was a series of web videos [...]

Gordon Ramsay Visits The Rachael Ray Show [video]

Rachael Ray had audience members line up and present Gordon Ramsay their own "signature dishes." Ramsay walks down the line, sampling the wares, with an assistant carrying a spit bucket (yes, it was even labeled "spit bucket"). The ladies respond to his joking criticism with nervous laughter.
At the two minute mark, he quips, "If [...]

New Chopping Block Commercial: 'He's the Chef Who Made Gordon Ramsay Cry' [video]

NBC recently ran a new ten-second commercial for the upcoming restaurant reality show, Chopping Block. In it, Marco Pierre White says, "I didn't make Gordon Ramsay cry. That was his choice to cry."
Plus another preview video from NBC where he intones one ominous phrase after the other, "I like to be the fox [...]

Gordon Ramsay Wins Two Michelin Stars for French Restaurant Despite Criticism

Gordon Ramsay is reported to have won two Michelin stars for his restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at the Trianon Palace Hotel, in Versailles, France, despite criticism from the country's top food critic, François Simon, reports the Telegraph UK. Simon, who served as supposed inspiration for the food critic Anton Ego in Pixar's Ratatouille, was not a [...]

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