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Redefining the Everything Bagel

Gothamist reports that Terrace Bagels in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, was shut down by the Health Department for vermin infestation: "An estimated 40 rat droppings and approximately 170 mice droppings were found in five different areas of the establishment, including food storage areas in the basement and kitchen."

Coney Island Restaurant Auction [sadness]

Coney Island's Astroland is being taken apart in anticipation of a new, corporate amusement district being planned by the city, and Gothamist has a photo gallery of an auction held yesterday afternoon to sell off the remaining pieces of Gregory & Paul's restaurant:
Gregory & Paul's occupied the corner lot opposite the Cyclone, at Surf Avenue [...]

Anthony Bourdain Clarifies Criticism of Alice Waters

Gothamist got in touch with Anthony Bourdain to clarify his criticism of Alice Waters, and he had this to say:
I don't have any burning issue with Alice Waters, a restaurateur and visionary whose accomplishments clearly dwarf my own, so I doubt it. In a perfect, candy-colored world, I'd like to eat most of what she'd [...]

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