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The Best Cookbooks of the Decade [goodbye aughties]

While 2009 was full of spectacular cookbooks, the rest of the decade hasn't been too shabby either. With How to Cook Everything (published in 1998) and French Laundry (1999) completely changing the game for home and restaurant cookbooks alike, the next few years were already set up for greatness. Through the hundreds and hundreds of [...]

Our Grant Achatz Caption Contest Winner

We've picked a winner to our Grant Achatz Caption Contest, and it was a really tough decision. In the end, Tom's submission nailed it:
So explain again this "Hot Kartoffel, Cold Kartoffel"
Thanks to everyone who submitted captions — there were some seriously good ones in there. In fact, we were so taken by your awesome responses [...]

Grant Achatz Caption Contest

Grant Achatz posted the above photo to his yfrog account, and it's just calling out to be captioned. We figured it would make for a good contest! Best caption left in the comments wins a slightly-worn copy of the Alinea Cookbook (but still nice enough for regifting! We promise!). Make sure to use your real [...]

Gender Bending With Grant Achatz and Dana Cowin at Astor Center [events]

All photography: Belathée Photography
Last night, New York's Astor Center played host to an event entitled "Gender Confusion: Unraveling the Myths of Gender in the Restaurant Kitchen," in which culinary glitterati were presented with dishes and asked to guess whether they were made by a man or a woman. Moderators Hugh Merwin and Tejal Rao hosted [...]

Grant Achatz Is Writing a Memoir: Life, On the Line

Grant Achatz, head chef of Alinea in Chicago, is shopping a memoir, and recently sent a copy of the proposal to Pete Wells at the NYT's Diner's Journal and Eater who posted the PDF of the proposal, including excerpts! (PDF direct link)
Co-written by Achatz and his business partner Nick Kokonas, the memoir will tell the [...]

Strict Interdisciplinarian: Building a Meal by Hervé This [review]

French gastronomic chemist Hervé This's new book, Building a Meal: From Molecular Gastronomy to Culinary Constructivism (buy on Amazon) is as much an exploration of cultural culinary traditions as it is scientific ones, full of intentionally provocative speculations like "Every departure from one's culture is a piece of daring, a deviation—indeed, a perversion."
Structured along [...]

Grant Achatz on The Oprah Winfrey Show [video]

Famed Alinea chef Grant Achatz was on The Oprah Winfrey Show this morning to share the incredible story about his cancer diagnosis. Reassured that a white spot on his tongue was harmless, eventually the pain became unbearable, he could only consume liquids, and lost twenty pounds. After years of being misdiagnosed, and multiple doctors telling [...]

Details from the $1500 Dinner by Keller and Achatz

Pete Wells a behind the scenes look at the the pre-service meeting for the $1500 dinner by Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz . Taking detailed questions from the servers about the dishes, Achatz says, "Unfortunately, we would need a weeklong class for me to articulate everything that’s on every one of my plates." He also [...]

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