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20-course, $1500 Dinner by Keller and Achatz [update]

Pete Wells reports on an insane dinner by Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz:
Columbus Circle will be the center of the culinary universe for a few hours tonight as two of the country’s most acclaimed chefs—those without my Timesian fear of hyperbole might just go ahead and say “the country’s two most acclaimed chefs”—collaborate on a [...]

Grant Achatz Is Quite Youthful

Seanan Forbes on Grant Achatz:
"His slim body looks as if it hasn't been touched by adolescence."
Just a little bit creepy there, Forbes.

Grant Achatz on the 'Intersection of Delicious and Technology'

When asked "where delicious intersects with technology," Grant Achatz responded:
"I tend to evaluate rather than enjoy."

The Alinea Cookbook Could Be Better [review]

The new Alinea cookbook (buy at Amazon) is pretty spectacular, but I could like it more.
I love the writing by Jeffrey Steingarten and Michael Nagrant, and it turns out Alinea managing partner Nick Kokonas has a real way with words. But as a book (with pictures and recipes, not just words) I think it's [...]

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