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Working Time Needed to Buy a Big Mac

Here's Working Time Needed to Buy a Big Mac, the latest graph as part of The Economist's Big Mac Index series that "seeks to make exchange-rate theory more digestible."

Splayd Data Visualization Chart

Chart via The Ragbag
The Ragbag is at it again, this time with this brilliant data visualization chart that explores the function and performance of a splayd (a knife/fork/spoon hybrid) when confronted with various foodstuffs.
He concludes: "were i to ascribe percentages i would say that the splayd is 50% fork, 40% spoon and 10% knife—which leaves [...]

Towards a Grand Unification of Cutlery

The Ragbag posted this great Venn Diagram: Towards a Grand Unification of Cutlery. Says The Ragbag, "half the fun of hybrid cutlery is the peculiar names."

Visualizing Wine

This visualization shows the relationship between wine varieties and flavor components, culling "descriptive flavor words" from over 5,000 published wine tasting notes from a wine magazine. Bacon is one of the descriptive words in the graph, but not one wine tastes like bacon. Mmmm bacon wine.

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