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Fattening Up for Winter: Gravy and Béarnaise on a Steak [video]

Of note from the hour-long special Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives: A North Pole Christmas (that had Guy Fieri in Alaska visiting a whole bunch of restaurants) was the Elf's Den, a Christmas-themed restaurant in North Pole, Alaska. One of the featured dishes was the beef tenderloin filet (tournedos) that's first grilled, then breaded in panko [...]

Guy Fieri to Host NBC's Game Show Perfect 10 [primetime!]

Photographs: Left: Doug Quint/Bryan Petroff for Eat Me Daily; Right:
Guy Fieri is going primetime on a major network! Fieri has been signed on to host the new NBC gameshow Perfect 10, reports The Wrap. The program will feature "ten deceptively simple games that require savvy contestants to complete under pressure with a prize of [...]

Making Candy Canes in Disneyland on Guy's Disney Holiday

Dare we say it: Guy's Disney Holiday was actually pretty good. We had feared a painful infomercial, but instead it was sort of an extra-long episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri inside the kitchens and restaurants of Disneyland. Avoiding the processed food, Fieri checks out the some old school food that Disneyland [...]

Guy Fieri Gingerbread Man

From Guy's Disney Holiday, a special hour-long episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives at Disneyland that aired over the weekend. Get baking and send photos!

Guy Fieri's Signature Line of Sunglasses by Gatorz

From the department of inevitabilities: Guy Fieri's got NYT best-selling books, a set of knives, and a multi-city Road Show, and now he's got his very own line of sunglasses from Gatorz that feature his signature printed on the side. Priced at a surprising $169, there are two variations available: Black Frame with grey lenses, [...]

Guy Fieri Roadshow Report: A Real-Life Drama in Three Acts

Photographs: Doug Quint / Bryan Petroff
Tuesday night in Lowell, Massachusetts Guy Fieri and his "Kulinary Krew" embarked on the Guy Fieri Roadshow in what is described as "the first ever rock n' roll culinary tour." Spanning 21 cities over 30 days, this spectacle is part cooking demonstration, part concert, and the next step in Fieri's [...]

Linguistics With Guy Fieri on The Late Show with David Letterman

Last night David Letterman prodded Guy Fieri about his vernacular in this funny yet confusing exchange:
Letterman: If something is "downtown," is that better than "money"?
Fieri: I actually have to get the dictionary in Flavortown to get the rundown on that. I think "downtown" is actually on its way to "money."
Letterman: Really? So "downtown" would be [...]

Guy Fieri Has Fifteen Impersonators Across the Country

In a lengthy and wide-ranging interview (MP3) with BJ Shea of 99.9FM KISW in Seattle, Guy Fieri talks about how great it was to parodied on Saturday Night Live, gives more details on his upcoming road show, and talks about the bra-throwing incident. When asked how he felt that that someone was running around impersonating [...]

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