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Adventures in Foreign McDonald's: Swiss Weeks Burgers

Still from commercial via McDonald's
Why can't McDonald's in America be as awesome as it is overseas? From teaming up with the Italian government to use local products for its McItaly burger, to a complete ban of beef and pork products from its menu in India, McDonald's is surprisingly sensitive when it comes to infiltrating and [...]

'Die Burger' by The Bruce High Quality Foundation at Art Basel Miami Beach

Photograph: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily
In the piece "Die Burger" by the Broooklyn-based artist collective The Bruce High Quality Foundation at Art Basel Miami Beach, the "meat" is made of felt, the "cheese" is lard, and the "buns" are from Burger King. The video on the screen is a reworking of the video of [...]

Hamburger Macaron = YAY AWESOME

Photograph: Helen Rosner / Eat Me Daily
For Thanksgiving, I used my newfound macaron-making skills to froth up a batch of coffee-buttercream-filled delights. As my dad noted, the toasty brown cookies looked awfully like hamburger buns, something Mike of Sky Full of Bacon had noted about my earlier batch as well. So I did what I [...]

Burger Off Between Josh Capon, Tim McGraw, Jimmy Fallon

Last night Josh Capon, the chef at Lure Fishbar in New York City, paid a visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to participate in an improbable "Burger Off" between himself, Jimmy Fallon, and country musician Tim McGraw. Capon, emboldened by having won the People's Choice award at this year's NYCWFF Burger Bash, tells Fallon, [...]

Colbert: The Future of Print Media Is Hamburgers

Forget paper! And forget iPhones or Kindles or iTablets or whatever: Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert proposed a new format that'll save printed media: fried food, or more specifically, hamburgers:
On Monday the SF Chronicle became the first general interest news daily to print on high-quality glossy paper... But I am wagging my [...]

'The America Burger' by Natalie Dee

We love Natalie Dee's illustrations, and the above "America Burger" beats the pants off of the Windows 7 burger. America! F-ck yeah!

The New Yorker's Three-Part Cover 'The Food Chain'

Oct 12, 2009 The New Yorker cover: "Food Chain." View larger.
The October 12th issue of The New Yorker, "The Money Issue," features a three-part cover coalescing into a narrative — a triptych if you will — serving as commentary on how the rich are faring these days. Illustrated by Dan Clowes, Zohar Lazar, and [...]

'Top Secret Hamburger' by Liao Yibai

"Top Secret Hamburger," Liao Yibai. Photographs via
On display during the summer at the Mike Weiss Gallery in New York City was the exhibit
"Imaginary Enemy" by the contemporary Chinese artist Liao Yibai featuring a series of stainless steel sculptures peppered with Cold War imagery, including "Top Secret Hamburger," the larger version weighing in at the [...]

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