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PETA Terrifies Children With 'Unhappy Meals'

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Yesterday at a McDonald's in Albany, NY, PETA terrified children by handing out "Unhappy Meals." Inside the box: a bloodied rubber chicken, a packet of ketchup blood, a "McCruelty" t-shirt wrapped up in a blood-splattered chicken sandwich box, and a cardboard cutout of a knife-wielding Ronald McDonald.
One of the customers who brought her [...]

Wired's Artifacts From the Future: Happy Meal from 2013

Wired magazine returns with their "Artifacts From the Future" feature with a photo gallery of a Happy Meal from 2013. The box has a cigarette pack-like health warning, U-Flavr Coke with a "squeeze bulb that lets you fine-tune the level of high fructose cherry flavoring," a free sample of chewable Flintstones Ritalin, and Vat-Grown Kobe [...]

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