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Hell's Kitchen Season Six Winner: Dave Levey

Last night was the Hell's Kitchen season six finale, and the winner was Dave Levey (originally from Chester, New Jersey, living in San Diego, California). The prize: a one-year position of "head chef" at the Araxi restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia. The celebrated locavore restaurant is close to Vancouver and the 2010 Olympics that start [...]

Little Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen [video]

Felix Light, the nine-year old who played "Little Gordon Ramsay" in the hugely popular series of commercials spoofing Ramsay's tirades, finally got to terrorize contestants last night on Hell's Kitchen. The segment was so very short — sort of a missed opportunity as the original commercials were more elaborate and thought-out, but hey, he got [...]

Hell's Kitchen/Bon Appetit Crossover Madness [video]

Last night on Hell's Kitchen, the contestants had 45 minutes to make a "delicious dish that's visually stunning" judged by the editorial staff of Bon Appetit (gotta love the overdubbed pomp music when they walk in).
Says Ariel, "Whoah, OK, we have some big ballers in here today." The final winner, selected by Editor-in-Chief Barbara Fairchild [...]

Gordon Ramsay's Thugs Will Beat Your Ass [video]

On last night's Hell's Kitchen, the anticipated fight between Gordon Ramsay and the contestant Joseph (disappointingly) did not end in fisticuffs.
It played out as so: In this corner, Joseph, 27, Long Island native, ex-Marine, and totally unbalanced. In the other corner, Gordon Ramsay, 43, the Scottish southpaw, ten-time consecutive London Marathon runner, a man [...]

This Ain't Hell's Kitchen XXX: Hustler's Parody of Hell's Kitchen [yes, for real]

This Ain't Hell's Kitchen XXX is a porn parody by Hustler based on the Gordon Ramsay cooking show (check out the the box art: The NSFW front and NSFW back even quote Gordon Ramsay's line "Oh f*ck me"). It's a recent entry in Hustler's "This Ain't" series, which has previously smuttified Happy Days, Star Trek, [...]

Hell's Kitchen Season Six, Tonight

Tonight is the two hour premiere of season six of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen, the show that Anthony Bourdain astutely called a "freak show... a circus of cruelty." Note that this is the second season of HK that Fox is running this year — season five started in January and concluded in May. Ramsay's restaurant [...]

Gordon Ramsay's Alleged Mistress Appears on Hell's Kitchen Season Finale [scandal]

Last night on the season finale of Hell's Kitchen, who should the camera cut to but Gordon Ramsay's alleged mistress, Sarah Symonds, in a skin-tight leopard print top filling out a comment card. Symonds, you may recall, is a "Professional Mistress" — the author of the book Having an Affair?: A Handbook for the "Other [...]

Hell's Kitchen: Los Angeles Chefsplosion [video]

On last night's Hell's Kitchen, one of the challenges for the three finalists was to cook lunch for 100 mystery guests, which turned out to be 100 chefs from the Los Angeles area. A super-impressive array of (Beard award-winning, Michelin-starred) chefs come streaming into the dining room, including Mark Peel (Campanile), Salvatore Marino (Il Grano), [...]

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