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Heston Blumenthal's Mad Scientist Christmas Dinner [video, wtf-xmas]

In the hour-long 2007 BBC special Heston Blumenthal's Perfect Christmas, Blumenthal reimagines a Christmas dinner but with his own modernized approach. The menu includes a dish made from gold, frankincense, and myrrh; a flaming sorbet that doesn't melt; a sous-vide confit smoked goose breast with chestnut veloute, chestnut smoke, and a goose skin cracker; [...]

The Best Cookbooks of the Decade [goodbye aughties]

While 2009 was full of spectacular cookbooks, the rest of the decade hasn't been too shabby either. With How to Cook Everything (published in 1998) and French Laundry (1999) completely changing the game for home and restaurant cookbooks alike, the next few years were already set up for greatness. Through the hundreds and hundreds of [...]

Cooking Through Blumenthal's The Big Fat Duck Cookbook: The Big Fat Undertaking

"The horror!!!" writes Auldo, the Dutchman behind The Big Fat Undertaking, the cook-your-way-through-a-cookbook blog that documents his experience with Heston Blumenthal's The Big Fat Duck Cookbook (Amazon). Some may want to quote Mr. T and exclaim, "I PITY THE FOOL!" but we're totally impressed since this is, in fact, a truly epic project. His estimate [...]

The New Yorker 2009 Food Issue, ADHD Edition

The November 23rd, 2009 issue of the New Yorker is dedicated to all things food, and it's full of big names (Heston Blumenthal! Mimi Sheraton!), trendy food (Poutine!), and a gigantic dissection of what cookbooks mean from Adam Gopnick. Below, we let you know what is (and isn't) worth your time.

John Colapinto takes Manhattan [...]

The Fat Duck Cookbook: More Affordable, Less Big

Photograph: Paula Forbes / Eat Me Daily
The smaller and — more importantly — cheaper edition of Heston Blumenthal's magnum opus The Big Fat Duck Cookbook is now available. Appropriately titled the de-Biggened The Fat Duck Cookbook (Amazon), the two books are completely identical in terms of content; essentially it's a scaled down version of the [...]

Sous Vide for the Masses: The SousVide Supreme

Now you can finally get your molecular gastronomy on — at home — with the SousVide Supreme, the self-proclaimed "World's Finest Water Oven." You'll still need to get a vacuum sealer, but at a "special introductory" price of $399, it's a more affordable option instead of thermal circulators that normally start at around $1000, and [...]

Weighty Issues: The Heaviest Cookbooks Out There

42.9 pounds of books. Photo: Paula Forbes
We have been known, on occasion, to make fun of (and also defend) the thick, cloth bound, coffee table versions of cookbooks. Recently we've noticed that this trend has gotten a bit out of control and want to call out those which simultaneously break your back and your [...]

The Fat Duck Cookbook: Smaller, Cheaper, Just As Awesome

While we loved Heston Blumenthal's Big Fat Duck Cookbook — the crazy-gorgeous imagery! the insane-inspiring recipes! — we were not really so into its three-figure pricetag. So we were psyched to learn that there'd be a smaller, cheaper version released at some point in the indeterminate future.
The indeterminate future is now: The Fat Duck [...]

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