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William Safire and the Kitchen Debates: The Model Kitchen at the American National Exhibit in Moscow, 1959

Kitchen debates. Photograph by William Safire. Via
William Safire, columnist for The New York Times, died yesterday at the age of 79. Safire was famous for much: his conservative voice on the otherwise heavily liberal op-ed page, his On Language series on grammar and vocabulary, and his involvement (Safire would say orchestration, as per an [...]

The Food Proclamations of Queen Elizabeth I

Left: Proclamations. 1576-12-14. London, 1576. via Right: The Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, attributed to George Gower, c.1588-89.
Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603) has been a leading lady throughout the ages. The daughter of divorce-happy Henry VIII has been written about at length; she has inspired movies, plays, and artwork; and her strict politics [...]

A Possible Predecessor to the McGangBang

Ever since we chronicled the emergence of the McGangBang, we've been getting emails from people claiming to have invented it far earlier than the dates we recorded. Here we present the earliest photographic evidence of a possible McGangBang predecessor, in what could arguably be considered the Java Man of fast food megaloths. The proto-McGangBang.
Jim Miltenberger [...]

Obama's Inauguration Could Turn Into a White House Food Fight

The LA Times points out that if Barack Obama takes his all-things-Abe-Lincoln inaugural theme too far, he'll have a food fight on his hands. Here's what happened at Lincoln's inaugural ball:
When the grand supper was announced, after several hours of dancing, the crowd rushed the table and people began grabbing, pushing and stuffing themselves shamelessly. [...]

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