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The Year in Food Blog-to-Book Deals [2009-orama]

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Food blogs have been around for a good decade, at least, and food books have been around, well, pretty much forever, but it seems that it's this year that the dead-tree guys finally started paying serious attention to the smart writers, great photographers, and charming home cooks who happily toiled away on their [...]

Food Blogger-to-Book Deal Part 23125923: Ideas In Food

Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot, the people behind Ideas in Food got their very own book deal with Clarkson Potter. In their blog, they catalog their kitchen experiments, which often involve chemicals and techniques of a "molecular" bent. Their tagline is "Improvisation and experimentation in the kitchen," after all.
Busy people they are! They [...]

Carrot Sheet by Ideas in Food

Ideas in Food comes us with a novel way to cook carrots:
For the longest time we would peel carrots, then cut them into shapes from brunoise to macedoine to oblique. We would place the carrots in cold water with a sugar and salt, slowly bring them up to a simmer, cook them to desired tenderness, [...]

Celery Leaf Gnocchi

Check out this celery leaf gnocchi from Ideas in Food:
We wanted to make light and delicate gnocchi with an intense celery flavor. After traveling down several different paths, we ended up using twice cooked potatoes as the base. We added roughly 12 percent pureed celery leaves with 5 percent whole egg and 15 percent flour. [...]

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