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The EMD Guide to Food from the 1950s: Food Styling and Cookbook Art

Ham from The Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook, 1950. Scan: Eat Me Daily
The 1950s were a crossover period for cookbooks, when graphics were about half hand-drawn illustrations and half super-saturated photographs, such as the one above. If the aesthetic appears rather commercial to you, that's no mistake: many of the cookbooks from this era were produced [...]

'Make Something Cool Everyday' by Brock Davis [food art]

Brock Davis. Clockwise from top left: "Grand Prix Gold Milk Jug," "Partially Eaten Turkey Sandwich on Wheat Award," "Community Service," "Cup Lid Faces." Photos by permission.
The Minneapolis-based artist and designer Brock Davis uploads a new piece of artwork — encompassing illustration, sculpture, and photography — every day to his Flickr set as part of his [...]

The Working Couple's Cookbook

All images from Kyle Katz' Vintage Cookbook Covers and Illustrations photoset.
The Working Couple's Cookbook is a 1971 collection of recipes by Peggy Treadwell. In a very first-wave twist, the dishes are designed to be done by two people working side-by-side.
That's cool and all, but we are so much more interested in the illustrations by [...]

The Children's Book Eli No!

Photograph by Katie Kirk
Here's a page from the lovely unpublished childrens' book, Eli No!, the "story of one trouble-making dog, and the one word that isn't far behind." Designed and illustrated by Katie Kirk and Nathan Strandberg, you can see more pictures on the Flickr set of Eli No!.

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