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'Food Girl' Series by Wendy Ding [food art]

"Ice Cream Girl," Wendy Ding. Available for sale on her Etsy store. All artwork by permission.
Wendy Ding is a Canada-based artist and illustrator whose recent "Food Girl series" combines naked women with some obvious junk food favorites. Although the series only encompasses just a few works of art, the vampy (yet delightfully innocent) girls wrapped [...]

Anthony Bourdain Lunch Bag

Sam Morrison sells a variety of illustrated lunch bags on his Etsy shop, including these lunch bags featuring the mug of that rascal Anthony Bourdain. 5 for $3.49.
Morrison even goes old school and literary, making lunch bags with illustrations of and quotes by Edgar Allen Poe, TS Eliot, Robert Frost, and Henry David Thoreau.
The Lost-inspired [...]

The Cover of The New Yorker: A Mister Softee Truck in Winter

The cover of this week's New Yorker is "Winter Break," by illustrator Adrian Tomine (website), of a Mister Softee truck parked outside Central Park, sitting, waiting for spring to arrive.

Yes, you CAN have a cheeseburger

'Yes, you CAN have a cheeseburger,' 3x3 post-it note, by Marc Johns. Unfortunately, it's sold. This would make a great t-shirt. [via]

'Secret Habit' T-Shirt by Glennz [stuff we like]

We totally like the illustrations by Glennz, particularly the Secret Habit t-shirt (above). Also of note is Organized Food Fight featuring giant foodstuffs engaged in gang warfare, Endangered Species, a cross-section of a fish revealing pre-made sushi, and Go For Launch, a Space Shuttle being propelled into outer space with Mentos and Diet Coke. [...]

The Centerfold from The Big Fat Duck Cookbook [food art]

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We were flipping through The Big Fat Duck Cookbook (reviewed here), and we loved the details of the centerfold — a top-down view of Heston Blumenthal's brain (and Heston Blumenthal himself) — illustrated by Dave McKean.

Illustrations of Ridiculous Food Patents by the New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine Endpaper had Andrew Rae illustrate some of 2008's patents and imagined what they might look like. Here are the food ones!
19 Book with taste or smell elements for interacting with an animal (7,357,421)
24 Bread-impaling cooking utensil for meat insertion (7,339,136)
25 Butter straw (D567,004)
26 Device for gripping, penetrating and separating an [...]

Heston Blumenthal's Meat Brain [food art]

The illustrations by Dave McKean in The Big Fat Duck Cookbook (reviewed here) are lovely, funny, and witty. Above is Heston Blumenthal doing research, with a cross-section of his head, exposing his meat brain.

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