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Traumatizing Imitation Crab Manufacturing Video

Here's a video from Food Network's Unwrapped that showcases the horrifying industrial manufacturing process behind imitation crab: "Frozen slabs of Surimi... are mixed with starch, egg whites, and crab flavorings. Without the flavoring, mild Surimi has almost no taste at all... Next Surimi paste pumps over to the cook lines, where it extrudes out into [...]

Slashfood Writer 'Addicted' to Imitation Crab

A Slashfood writer is addicted to imitation crab, going so far as dipping the stuff in pesto:
It's so colorful and friendly, and you can buy it by the pound! Normally, I'm pretty averse to food that doesn't really look like ... food, but the juicy texture! The way it separates in my mouth! It's just [...]

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