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The Freedom Tray: Only in America

America! Land of fast food! Land of invention! The Freedom Tray, according to their website, is a "revolutionary food and beverage tray." (Really it's just a plastic tray with retractable legs that lets you carry tons of food to and fro.) So other than having a flag-like logo printed on it, what does it [...]

Your Cupcakes Are Too Small: The Big Top Cupcake [video]

Sad about how tiny your cupcakes are? Boy, does Global TV Concepts understand. They've come up with the Big Top Cupcake (warning: site makes lots of noise) to solve all your cupcake size concerns. Two giant silicon molds form the base and the top of the cupcake, and an optional filling mold allows you to [...]

Slap Chop Auto-Tune Remix on Television [video]

The internet phenomenon that is "Slap Chop Rap" — the auto-tuned remix video of the Slap Chop infomercial by DJ Steve Porter that's gotten an astounding 3.7 million views — has made the big time, airing on television. TMZ reports that the remix "hit the airwaves as a bona fide infomercial," and while we can't [...]

Mr T Presents the Mr T FlavorWave Oven [video]

We're not sure if he's trying to cash in on the George Foreman thing, or if he really believes in the cooking powers of halogen energry, but Mr. T has his own semi-healthy cooking device on the market: the Mr. T Flavor-Wave Oven, yours for just three easy payments of $39.95:
Mr T Flavorwave Oven® is [...]

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