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FoodMarketo: Design and Food [food art]

Photograph: DesignMarketo
FoodMarketo, a joint venture between online design store DesignMarketo and Apartamento Magazine, is a pop-up design store/cooking workshop that will take place during Milan Design Week, April 14-19.
Aside from jam and bread-baking workshops that are free and open to the public, the pop-up store will also contain products commissioned to more than 30 [...]

Interview with Shut Up, Foodies

Since its debut a mere three weeks ago, the blog Shut Up, Foodies has received a lot of attention from those in the food world who can laugh at themselves. At once satirical and serious, Shut Up, Foodies seeks to point out the areas in which food snobs are hypocritical, self-righteous, and just plain ridiculous. [...]

Regina Schrambling, Interviewed

Regina Schrambling's always entertaining (if sometimes maddeningly cryptic) insider looks at the food world, delivered via her blog Gastropoda and its little sister Gastriques, read like a breath of snickering fresh air in the culinary blogosphere. Never one to shy from a juicy scandal, Schrambling's blogs have become something of a food world Page Six, [...]

Interview with Swallow Magazine's Creative Director and Editor, James Casey

We here at Eat me daily are huge, huge fans of Swallow Magazine — see our enthusiastic coverage as evidence. This is a bold, innovative publication that redefines what a food magazine can be, bringing a level of design, photography, and writing to food that has been sorely missing. If this is the future of [...]

Interview with Eugen Beer, the Mastermind Behind Cold Mud

We've been big fans of Cold Mud since its arrival on the food website scene in 2007. Arguably the most prolific, resourceful, and thorough aggregator of food news out there, Cold Mud is a required daily visit if you're at all interested in food. Since there was so little information on Eugen Beer, the man [...]

Interview with Artists Timothy John Berg and Rebekah Myers

Enjoy It... While It Lasts, Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers
Remember those giant ice cream sandwiches that we wrote about earlier this week? Yes, you definitely do. We got such an awesome response to that post that we've decided to reward you with an interview with the artists, Timothy John Berg and Rebekah Myers.
Your work deals [...]

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