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Out Now: Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone App

Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone app is now available on the iTunes store at a highly reasonable $4.99. Now you can wield the the "32 critical ratios" that "form the backbone of the culinary arts, with instructions" and convert ounces to grams (and presumably back again) wherever you go.

Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone App

Very exciting: Coming soon is the iPhone-ified rendition of Michael Ruhlman's book Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking (Amazon). The app features all 32 of the "critical ratios" that "form the backbone of the culinary arts, with instructions," a calculator, an ounces to grams converter, recipes, and for that extra quotient [...]

Translate Foreign Menus With the Amazing iPhone PicTranslator [the future is now]

PicTranslator is an astonishing new iPhone app that turns the camera into a point-and-shoot translator. Take a photo and the app will automatically recognize text, translate it, and even read the text in the pictures out loud. It's like something out of the future! The app costs only 99 cents, and you can also purchase [...]

Jamie Oliver's iPhone App: 20 Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver has released a new iPhone app 20 Minute Meals, a self-contained digital mini-cookbook that sets the bar really, really high. It features 50 recipes with an integrated shopping list sorted by grocery store aisle, step-by-step instructional photos, and over 90 minutes of video clips with Jamie Oliver teaching basic kitchen skills like sharpening [...]

iLickit: The First iPhone Game You Can Play With Your Tongue [video]

The concept behind the iLickit game for the iPhone: you have to clean your plate by physically licking the screen of an iPhone or iPod touch. Featuring a “special tongue optimized engine," it's not out on the app store (yet). And yes, this is likely a joke, but bonus points for the creepy sound effects [...]

The Foodspotting iPhone App Looks a Lot Like Other Stuff

Foodspotting is a yet-to-be released iPhone app that seems promising in that it takes full advantage of the macro lens and geolocation and what have you. It even won an award for "Best Social iPhone App" at a recent developer hackathon event. So it's got that going for it.
The concept and the name, however, are [...]

New Yorker Cover Art of Times Square Street Vendor

This week's cover of the New Yorker (see larger version) was "finger-painted" by artist Jorge Colombo using the Brushes application on the iPhone.
Folks at the New Yorker liked it so much that they're going to be posting a new drawing each week by Colombo. There's even a time-lapse video showing the process behind it (after [...]

Zagat iPhone App Review: 'Cumbersome,' 'Horribly Slow'

Zagat recently launched their very own $10 iPhone application, Zagat To Go '09, which is completely different from the paid subscription website. Herewith, we apply Zagat's review methodology, using customer reviews from the iTunes Store:
The "prematurely released" Zagat iPhone application comes off as "cumbersome" and "not intuitive." The "content itself is strong" but "the UI [...]

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