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Iron Chef America's Chairman Mark Dacascos to Join Cast of Dancing With the Stars

Before he was the Chairman on Iron Chef America, Mark Dacascos was an actor and martial artist with a lengthy film and television career including that French 18th century drama/martial arts mashup The Brotherhood of the Wolf and the television adapation of The Crow.
THR reports that he'll be on the next season of Dancing With [...]

Review: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Game for the Nintendo Wii [video]

I got an early Christmas present the other day — a copy of Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for the Nintendo Wii. Trailers on the web had it clearly ripping off game design elements from the Cooking Mama series, in which players go through a series of tasks to create a final dish. Cooking Mama [...]

New Iron Chef America Jackets / Uniforms, Designed by Mark Ecko [video]

The new Iron Chef America jackets.
Last night's Iron Chef America Battle Turkey episode featured the unveiling of new chef's jackets designed by Mark Ecko. Casting aside the universally disliked blue denim jackets, all the Iron Chefs now have completely individualized jackets, featuring epaulets, gold buttons, and fancy patches.

Details of the new jackets. The Chairman approves.
According [...]

Chris Cosentino's Halloween Iron Chef America Battle Offal Menu at Incanto

The secret ingredient of Halloween Iron Chef America was Offal, and Chris Cosentino is going to be offering the menu at his San Francisco restaurant, Incanto. On the menu will be dishes like Lamb heart tartare and County fair gut fry. He writes:
This is only available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, since I will [...]

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