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Jamie Oliver: Kids Should Work For Skateboards, Breakdancing Outfits, Ghetto Blasters

Photo composite: Eat Me Daily
Jamie Oliver is to appear on Nightline tonight, and he talked about food and kids and the value of a dollar (pound), revealing the following awesome things about himself:

As a young teen Oliver worked in his family's restaurant: "so like an 11, 12, 13-year-old, you know, I'd be earning, I'd be [...]

Actually No, Jennifer Aniston Is Not Working on a Cookbook

We had a twinge of déjà vu upon reading Eater's post declaring that Jennifer Aniston is authoring a "series" of cookbooks with Jamie Oliver. Some quick Googling revealed why: Eater's news source is a Yahoo India story dated December 7th, but it's a a nearly word-for-word rerun of a National Enquirer (Ireland) story from back [...]

Jamie Oliver's iPhone App: 20 Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver has released a new iPhone app 20 Minute Meals, a self-contained digital mini-cookbook that sets the bar really, really high. It features 50 recipes with an integrated shopping list sorted by grocery store aisle, step-by-step instructional photos, and over 90 minutes of video clips with Jamie Oliver teaching basic kitchen skills like sharpening [...]

Jamie's America New York City Episode Shows Scary Inner Workings of a Queens Slaughterhouse [video]

The latest episode of Jamie's America had Jamie Oliver in New York City — specifically, Queens. Over the course of his visit, he checks out the Kabab Cafe in Astoria, eats at an illegal Peruvian restaurant run out of an apartment in Jackson Heights, spends time with a saintly man who feeds homeless illegal immigrants, [...]

Steak on Pitchforks Cooked in a Cauldron of Fat on Jamie's American Road Trip [video]

Here's something we've never even heard of: In the latest episode of Jamie's American Roadtrip, Jamie Oliver was in Wyoming and Montana to play cowboy, and he comes across what's known as Pitchfork Fondue or Pitchfork Steak: steaks skewered on pitchforks dipped into boiling fat (usually suet) in a large kettle over an open flame. [...]

Jamie's American Road Trip: Los Angeles Episode [video]

Last night Channel 4 in the UK aired the premiere episode of Jamie's American Road Trip — the series opener was set in Los Angeles, focusing on the Mexican-American culture and cuisine.
Avoiding glitz and glamor, Oliver doesn't stay in a fancy hotel or eat at four-star restaurants, but instead rents an apartment in East LA's [...]

Jamie Oliver Dancing, Dressed as the Village People [video]

Here's an incredible video of Jamie Oliver dancing, dressed as the "Village People." It's promoting his upcoming series Jamie's American Roadtrip that premieres September 1st on Channel 4 in the UK (with still no announcement about where or when it's going to air in the US). This just made our day.

Trailer for Jamie's American Road Trip [video]

Here's Jamie Oliver dressed up as The Village People in a trailer for his upcoming six-part Channel 4 TV series, Jamie's American Roadtrip (airing in the Fall in the UK), a "culinary backpacking road trip" through the US. Channel 4's description of the show:
In each episode Jamie will be exploring the food, local hang-outs [...]

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