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Jamie Oliver's Biggest Mistake

In an interview with the Guardian UK, Jamie Oliver describes the biggest mistake he's made on television:
When I was working in Japan, I was making a pasta dish and I'd just bought a £350 Japanese Samurai-like knife that was made from the finest carbon steel, and I end up lopping off half my finger, live [...]

Jamie Oliver Packaging Design by Pearlfisher

Lovely packaging design for Jamie Oliver products. Pearlfisher's website says:
Task: New brand creation, developing a new lifestyle concept that elevates the Jamie Oliver experience from the kitchen to the home.
Scope: Strategy, logo, brand identity, corporate identity, structural design, design of over 170 SKUs, secondary packaging, tone of voice, naming, pack and web copy.

British Chefsplosion: Blumenthal, Fearnley-Whittingstall, Ramsay, and Oliver Interviewed

Gordon Ramsay, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
In anticipation of the upcoming Channel 4 series Great British Food Fight (website), the Mail Online interviewed Gordon Ramsay, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Heston Blumenthal, and Jamie Oliver. While promoting their own individual programs, the chefs are surprisingly sincere. Totally worth a read.

Heston Blumenthal, and Jamie Oliver (as Ringo?)
After the jump, some choice quotes [...]

Jamie Oliver on 'Knowledge Poverty'

The Guardian UK's Observer Food Monthly runs a long piece on Jamie Oliver's latest project, The Ministry of Food, a TV series and campaign whose goal is to teach people in Rotherham how to cook. Oliver says there's a form of "knowledge poverty," a deep, persistent cultural phenomena where people never learned about the basics [...]

Food Video Game Mega Roundup Post

I'm not going to waste my time (or yours) making separate posts for all of these games. So here's a mega roundup of recently- and soon-to-be- released video games that are all based around food. Exciting!
1. What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver (Nintendo DS) (official website)

"What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver is a fun and interactive cooking game featuring [...]

Marco Pierre White on Jamie Oliver and Industrial Chickens

Marco Pierre White has something to say about Jamie Oliver, industrial chickens, and economics:
There are a lot of people in this country earning just £20,000 a year, and they have a family to feed and a roof to put over their heads. And certain people are banging on about battery chickens. I think it's quite [...]

Jamie Oliver Cuts Up a Corpse on Television [video]

images from calorielab

Jamie Oliver is, it turns out, so obsessed with keeping Brits slim that he actually cut up a corpse on a nationally-aired TV show back in January.
The autopsy was performed on a 25 stone (350lb) man who "literally ate himself to death," in the hopes of scaring the sandwiches right out of [...]

Jamie Oliver Thinks America Looks Fat in Those Pants

Fading UK celeb chef Jamie Oliver is horrified by Britain's rising obesity levels, and wants someone to step in and fix the problem before they wind up like, um, us:
"If we leave it, it will be like America, where it is almost not worth it, because it's so ingrained."
..."I believe that radical change is quite [...]

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