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Japanese Cake Walk [food art]

Photograph: Beautiful/Decay
The Japanese are known for giant monsters and cute things; this sculpture by artist Kozoo combines the two in this sculpture, SmileCake,HappyCake in Roppongi, Tokyo. The yellow cake topped with an enormous strawberry is accompanied by an equally large fork; good thing, now when Godzilla stops by he'll have something to eat with. Additional [...]

Japanese Breed Eels in Captivity

Photograph: jrmyst
And now, for your daily update on Japanese Food of the Future: scientists in Yokohama have successfully bred the second-ever generation of fully cultivated eels. Bred from eels that were themselves bred in captivity, this provides hope that future generations of eels will be able to be cultivated, and lessen the strain on natural [...]

Japanese Waiter Robot

People, pay attention: this is a video of a Japanese robot that is capable of serving you food and beverages. It's balancing what we're fairly certain is a steak and some vegetables on its robot head while it goes through obstacles. Made by Toshiba and called the "Wheelie," this little guy is designed to help [...]

Brittany Murphy in The Ramen Girl [movies, video]

Brittany Murphy (RIP) starred in the 2008 film The Ramen Girl (Amazon), playing Abby, an American dumped by her boyfriend in Tokyo who finds her true calling: to make ramen. Brittany Murphy was actually pretty well-cast as a whiny privileged expat determined to learn the way of the noodle from the tyrannical master ramen [...]

Robovie: The Grocery Shopping Robot Assistant [video]

Robovie is a robot shopping assistant currently being testing in Japan. At home, shoppers build a shopping list on a mobile device, and once at the grocery store, the robot detects the mobile device and follows them around with a shopping basket, reminding them what's on their list and even making suggestions along the way. [...]

Stephen Colbert on the Windows 7 Whopper [video]

Unclear why Stephen Colbert tackled Burger King Japan's Windows 7 Whopper last night... it's old news from October, but Colbert both tipped his hat to it and wagged his finger "for offering this burger only in Japan. America would be the perfect place for the Windows 7 Whopper. This is an appetizer in many parts [...]

Melty Chocolate Phone from Japan Looks Good Enough To Eat

The NTT Docomo Melty Chocolate phone is waterproof, has an eight-megapixel camera, digital TV tuner, etc, but it's the design of the phone, made to look like a melting bar of chocolate, that makes it impressive. Even the menus and default wallpaper on the phone are "chocolate-themed." It's a collaboration between Sharp and Q-Pot, the [...]

Video: The Windows 7 Whopper Is Real, Terrifying

The Windows 7 Whopper is real and not just an internet myth: CheapAssGamer went to a Burger King in Akihabara, Japan to try the Windows 7 Burger. One of them actually finishes it, saying, "I'm just glad it wasn't Windows 95."

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