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Burger King Japan's Windows 7 Whopper

Now it's Microsoft's turn to get into the extreme food action. Teaming up with Burger King in Japan, behold the gigantor Windows 7 Whopper.
To promote the new operating system, it's got lots of sevens! Seven beef patties, available for a week only (seven days), it'll cost ¥777 ($8.50 US).

Domo Invades 7-Eleven Stores

Photographs: Eat Me Daily
Domo, the Japanese stop-action character and meme celebrity, is appearing this fall in an elaborate 7-Eleven storewide promotion, and his toothy brown face is plastered on everything imaginable. Tons of signage of all over, collectible Slurpee cups (and Domo's own custom flavor, Fuji Frost), character straws, coffee cups, and some truly inventive [...]

Japanese Noodle Waterslide

Somen are a Japanese wheat noodle which are usually eaten cold, with a dipping sauce. During the summer, they're occasionally eaten out of a long bamboo trough flowing with fish or seaweed broth in which diners must pluck the noodles with chopsticks as fast as they can. As added pressure, noodles that aren’t caught [...]

Playing Sushi Roulette for the 'Wasabi Bomb' on The Amazing Race [video]

Last night saw the premiere of season fifteen of The Amazing Race featuring a mock-Japanese game show in which the contestants had to play Sushi Roulette and be lucky enough to get to eat a "wasabi bomb," a hand roll with a truly epic amount of wasabi.

Japanese Commercial for Vegetable Juice [video]

But apparently this is how they advertise vegetable juice in Japan. Catchy song!
The English translations maybe need a little work: "Come on drink this. / You like vegetable juice, don't you? / I've decided that you must, right now! / So drink up, my vegetable juice / costs 200 yen."

McDonald's Ad Campaign in Japan Mocks White People and Foreigners [video]

McDonald's is running an ad campaign in Japan that uses Mr. James, a bumbling white guy who speaks broken katakana (i.e. accented) Japanese. Basically a gaijin, a derogatory term for a foreigner in Japan, he's even got his own blog while he tours McDonald's locations across Japan. People are upset because he's perpetuating racist stereotypes, [...]

Next-Gen Ramen Noodle Robot Chefs from Japan [video]

Here's a video report from Reuters on the next generation of ramen robots at the Fua-men ramen noodle shop in Nagoya, Japan. Kenji Nagoya, the owner of the noodle shop is a robot manufacturer, and he's using the noodle robots to showcase his latest technology. He extols the robots' precision over their human counterparts: "The [...]

Toys from Japan: Korean Barbecue and the Sushi Train

As far as we're concerned, people in Japan have their priorities straight:  They've got robots making them food and preparing their ramen, their TV shows talk about competitive eating, and now they're getting two food-related toys that make our Easy Bake Ovens hide in shame.

Korean Barbecue is ultra-popular right now in the land of [...]

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