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Japan Breeds a Ramen Robot [video]

Momozono Robot Ramen shop in Yamanashi, Japan is gaining popularity thanks to a robot that mixes ramen based on customer preferences reports Mainichi Daily News. Japanese engineers seem hell-bent on replacing human chefs with robots.
Ramen revelers can customize their orders, via a computer screen, by choosing different levels of levels of soy sauce, salt, and [...]

Japanese Robo-Chefs to Feed, Replace Us All [video]

Here are some videos from Tokyo's International Food Machinery and Technology Expo from last week. Watch a robot enthusiastically make "okonomiyaki" aka Japanese pancakes! The creepy artificial human hand serving sushi! The robot slicing cucumbers faster than any human could ever reasonably and safely slice! The Roomba-like table-topped robot that serve drinks and take orders [...]

Asics x Gettry Procourt AR "Hamburger" [sneakers]

Adding to the podiatric pantheon of food-inspired footwear (Supra for Stubbs BBQ) comes this collaboration between Asics and Japanese retailer Gettry. The Asics x Gettry Procourt AR comes in all the colors of meat and cheese, lettuce and tomato, ketchup and mustard — right down to a perforated upper that resembles a seeded bun and [...]

Vending Machine Camouflage [wtf]

No, not camouflage for your vending machine — camouflage that turns you into a vending machine. Designed by experimental clothing designer Aya Tsukiok, it's supposed to demonstrate the importance of the vending machine in Japanese culture, and comment on security in the urban environment. When it's not being a vending machine, it looks like a [...]

Brass-Plated Coke Can Top Necklace

If you really do have one or too many cans lying around, you should try your luck making and selling these necklaces to your fellow badgeholders. Just released this week in Japan, a brass can top on a ball chain from the brand Phenomenon is selling for 15,540 yen, or $161. Has the implication you [...]

Heston Blumenthal Hires a Magician

Appearing at last week's inaugural Tokyo Taste ("the world summit of gastronomy"), crazy genius Heston Blumenthal offered a glimpse at what's coming up next from the chef who makes diners listen to iPods while eating:
At the moment, he's working with a magician to find a way to ignite his signature flaming sorbet with a snap [...]

Japanese Game Show Guesses Competitive Eater's Stomach Expansion [video]

Here's a video from a Japanese game show where the audience tries to guess how much super-skinny competitive eater Gal Sone’s stomach expands after eating a big meal. [via]

Impressive Beer Carry

From a Japanese television show comes an impressive feat: carrying twenty beers.

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