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Jay Leno Parodies Gordon Ramsay

In this video clip "Other Shows Pitched to Jay: Jay's Kitchen," Jay Leno does a super-angry Gordon Ramsay impression, burning some poor cook's hands. His British accent, however, could use some work, sounding more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than anything.

Gordon Ramsay on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno [video]

Last night Gordon Ramsay made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, doing a pretty typical chaotic late-night cooking segment — swearing as expected — but the added bonus of Russell Brand made it at least a little funny.
Ramsay tried to cook some crepes, calling them "thin, delicious, credit crunch, easy to do." [...]

Paula Deen on 'The Tonight Show' [video]

Paula Deen paid a visit to The Tonight Show Monday night, to promote her kids' cookbook and to make stuffed shells. Not just any stuffed shells, but stuffed shells with cottage cheese, instead of ricotta, because "In Savannah, Georgia, that is Italian."
Jay Leno just can't help but mock her accent and try to get [...]

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