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'Uncle Jello' by Nouar

"Uncle Jello" by Nouar. Photograph via Corey Helford Gallery
Currently on display at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA is "The Multiplane Group Show" which includes the piece "Uncle Jello" by the artist Nouar (previously profiled on EMD). She also posted some great behind-the-scenes shots on her blog revealing the process in making it, [...]

Photos from the Jell-O Mold Competition [events, food art]

Photographs: Eat Me Daily: "Jell-O Cocktail Trumpery," Kandice Levero and Julia Greene
On Saturday we checked out the Jell-O Mold Competition at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn. Our initial thoughts: Twee Brooklyn hipsters in a Jell-O mold contest? Could it get more precious? But we were wrong — the contest had some truly impressive and [...]

Jell-O Mold Competition [hipsters]

Seriously, make it stop: The Jell-O Mold Competition: Saturday, June 20, 2009 at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn. Register by June 12, 2009 to compete! There's also a workshop on June 6th on how to make a vacuum forming machine, so this is some serious business. Says the competition's website:
In these somber times of [...]

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