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Gummy Bear Jewelry from ROMEingPANDA Now on Sale

Photos: ROMEingPANDA
Here's a different way to get your bling on: ROMEingPANDA's gummy bear jewelry is finally on sale featuring a series of rings, necklaces, belts, bracelets, brooches, and pins, ranging from $100 to $160. Back in September we wrote about their sample jewelry made from actual, real gummy bears, but this is the official retail [...]

Gummy Bear Jewelry: ROMEingPANDA's Yummy Gummy Collection

Photos via
Fashion Week started early last night with the debut of ROMEingPANDA's Yummy Gummy collection, a series of of lucite rings, necklaces, and broaches in the guise of gummy bears by designers Jerome Solomon and Amanda Marcuson. Until the line is available for retail, original samples made from real gummy bears coated with a [...]

Meat Tenderizer Ring for Chefs

Photos via Ken Goldman on Flickr
Well, this'll keep those bratty culinary school externs in line. Jewelry designer Ken Goldman has come up with what may be the ultimate in functional chef apparel: a ring that also serves as a meat tenderizer. We imagine beating up some meat is quite the stress-reliever — finally, an outlet [...]

Dried Fruit Rings: Nutritious and Fashionable [food art]

Photograph from
Cathy at La Prochaine Fois makes these crazy beautiful dried fruit rings as an art project, exploring issues of preservation, the permanence of memory, and the definition of jewelry. She writes:
The dehydrator is my new favorite toy. With it, I began to dry fruits and incorporate them with my work in metal. [...]

Saltine Necklace from Emily Elizabeth

People are hungry and broke. It's the New Depression and frivolity is out. But that didn't stop me from buying this necklace that solves neither of these problems. At just $24, The Golden Saltine Necklace in brass is honestly so rich in character, it’s easy to justify loosening the purse strings. The piece has the [...]

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