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Jimmy Fallon's Christmas Song: 'Drunk on Christmas' [video]

Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon performed an original Christmas song, "Drunk on Christmas":
Can't be sober when I'm over, everyone's bipolar
So cut the crap and get some Jack and put it my soda
And make it strong enough to put a reindeer in a coma
Gonna get drunk, drunk, drunk on Christmas

Martha Stewart and Jimmy Fallon Make Croquembouches, Dick Jokes on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [video]

Last night, Martha Stewart visited Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and 'tis the season to make croquembouches on late night shows (we guess). But there was maybe a little more sexual innuendo than we were comfortable with:
Jimmy: What are you doing for New Year's Eve? Are you partying down?
Martha: I'm going to Bangkok.
Jimmy: You're gonna [...]

Burger Off Between Josh Capon, Tim McGraw, Jimmy Fallon

Last night Josh Capon, the chef at Lure Fishbar in New York City, paid a visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to participate in an improbable "Burger Off" between himself, Jimmy Fallon, and country musician Tim McGraw. Capon, emboldened by having won the People's Choice award at this year's NYCWFF Burger Bash, tells Fallon, [...]

Alton Brown Makes a Smoothie Using a Water Cooler and a Fire Extinguisher on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [video]

Last night Alton Brown visited Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and went all Mad Scientist, going to some extreme lengths to make a smoothie. He hooks up a 25 lb. CO2 fire extinguisher with a water cooler just to freeze some berries: "It's gonna be a mess. I asked for them to provide ponchos. They [...]

Tom Colicchio on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [video]

Last night Tom Colicchio paid a visit to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote his 'wichcraft cookbook and the upcoming season of Top Chef. Trying to break the mold of "chef on late night" cliché, he and Fallon did a panini quickfire challenge — Colicchio promising that if Fallon won, he'd put the [...]

Mario Batali on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 03/06/09 [video]

Friday night, Mario Batali made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon for a cooking segment. Drew Barrymore and Chace Crawford helped — but four people made everything cacophonous and distracting. But aww, Batali brought Fallon a home-made prosciutto as a present.
What do we take away? Jimmy Fallon hates mayonnaise: "It's the most [...]

Setting Rachael Ray on Fire [video]

This promo for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where he accidentally sets Rachael Ray on fire, is pretty funny, functioning as a sort of dark wish fulfillment for a lot of people: to watch her burn. We don't hate on Rachael Ray (that'd be too easy), and we certainly don't support setting anyone intentionally on [...]

Jimmy Fallon Gets the Late Show Giant Plastic Pickle [video]

Conan O'Brien sent Jimmy Fallon a giant plastic pickle, a sort of Late Night torch, along with a letter that read:
The Letterman people sent this pickle to my office in '93 just before I went on the air. They said it's been in their office since the beginning, and that they were passing it on [...]

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