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Salmon Bourguignon with Gatorade on 30 Rock [video]

On last night's 30 Rock, it turned out that Tina Fey's neighbor and love interest, Dr. Andrew Baird (John Hamm), is so handsome that he lives in a beauty bubble, where "people do what he wants and tells him what he wants to hear." Jack Donaghy describes the bubble: "Beautiful people are treated differently from... [...]

30 Rock: John Hamm Loves to Bake [video]

In last night's 30 Rock, John Hamm guest-starred as Tina Fey's neighbor and love interest, Dr. Andrew Baird, a recently-divorced, ice-cream-making pediatrician golfer ("so you know he's not gay or poor") with good taste in movies. When Tina Fey shows up at his door to deliver some misdirected mail, he apologizes, saying, "Sorry, I smell [...]

Saturday Night Live: Jon Hamm's John Ham [video]

From last week's Saturday Night Live: "Unlike other bathroom ham dispensers, Jon Hamm's John Ham has only the finest, Boar's Head oven-roasted ham."

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