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LIGHTNING ROUND Answers from John Hodgman

Today, John Hodgman attempted "to answer as many remaining questions as possible between 9AM and 11AM" in a final and energetic LIGHTNING ROUND. Herein we post reproduce some food-related questions and answers regarding Shopsin's, Shake Shack, and his cooking capabilities (avoiding of course the hobo and owl questions):
Question: Which of Shopsin’s three last locations (including [...]

John Hodgman on New York City Grocery Stores

John Hodgman took questions from New York Times readers, and his answers have started to appear, including this brilliant analysis of New York City grocery stores:
Question: In my time in New York, I’ve noticed native New Yorkers say “on line” instead of “in line.” As in, I’m at the grocery store waiting “on line.” Do [...]

Questions for John Hodgman from New York Times Readers

The New York Times' City Room blog invited readers to ask John Hodgman questions about "life as an author, famous minor television personality and a man who wears glasses in New York," particularly "in the areas of his expertise (for example, Brooklyn inventions, the names of mole-men and how to cook an owl, among other [...]

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