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Josh Ozersky Talks Hamburgers on Nightline [video]

Josh Ozersky, editor of The Feedbag and hamburger expert, was on Nightline last night, going on a hamburger tour across Manhattan. He and the reporter visit The Spotted Pig, Shake Shack, Pat La Freida Wholesale Meats, and City Burger to try the infamous Black Label burger. Read Nightline's associated article here. The focus of the [...]

Jay Jacobs

Jay Jacobs passes away, and Ozersky has nice things to say:
[Jacobs] was the first food writer I ever read with eagerness; in Atlantic City in the early 80s, reading his reviews made me and countless other provincials feel part of the great go-round of New York gastronomy, even as our immediate surroundings were marked by [...]

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